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B.I.G Events gehört zu den führenden kreativen Event-Veranstaltern in Europa. Unsere Aufgabe besteht darin, Hochzeiten und Firmenveranstaltungen zu planen. Public Events · Kontakt. Wir freuen uns auf Sie. BIG Eventcatering GmbH & Co. KG. Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 24 Würzburg. Tel.: / 30 95 42 · Unsere. Preparations in Vancouver are running at full speed for Canada's big event: from 12 to 28 February , the city on the sea is hosting the Winter Olympics.

For this purpose, I will use my ongoing field work among members of an academic research group as an example. The work of this particular research group centers around an experimental vehicle — a self-driving car hereafter: SDC. During my field work I experienced a couple of surprises which challenged my earlier assumptions about the research on SDCs. That is, I previously assumed that the many promises invested in machine learning would lead to its extensive use in the experimental vehicles.

However, this is not the case. I started to wonder why the researchers refrain from using machine learning even though they are officially members of an AI department. After introducing you to the field of SDC research in this first part, I will provide you with three tentative answers in an upcoming second post.

A Big Mess — Situating Research in Self-driving Cars Whenever I try to situate research in SDCs, I am confronted by a big mess. If you follow its ties to the world of cars and driving, you end up with a versatile and pervasive artifact — the automobile — with so many layers of meanings and diverse communities of practices. With 1 billion of them existing, cars dominate transportation in many countries of the world.

SDC research is tied to multiple contexts. Several origin stories circulate in the field. That is why, in this post I do not even try to map the different contexts in which cars and self-driving car research are situated. His history of Automatic Highway Systems can be read as a marginalized back-story to self-driving cars. Instead of doing all the above things, I want to introduce you to this field by briefly drawing your attention towards two more recent events which turned out to be highly influential among the members.

Major Event 1 — DARPA Grand Challenges In U. Congress passed a mandate that by one-third of the operational ground combat vehicles of U. During these events robotics researchers competed with their autonomous vehicles for a cash prizes by solving tasks, likewise completing an autonomous drive through the desert.

In this case autonomous means that the cars are unmanned and perform without remote control by the competing teams. In SDC research this series of events is usually told in the form of a narrative of progress. During the first Grand Challenge no vehicle finished the race through the desert. The following year a handful of vehicles succeeded. By several teams completed a series of tasks in a mixed human and nonhuman scenario which simulated suburban traffic at an abandoned airbase.

Among the members of the field it is widely assumed that this development — in only 3 years — provides a proof of concept. From their perspective mastering everyday traffic is not only feasible for SDCs but only a matter of time until the technology has fully matured. Photo taken from Flickr. Licensed under a Creative Commons license. Even if one doubts this techno-optimism, one thing is clear.

DARPA succeeded in enrolling a large bunch of influential researchers and thus, enlarged a research community that has been marginal before the Grand Challenges. In addition, by creating these events it steered the research community in a specific direction. A direction that primarily serves the interest of the military applications of SDCs. Steven E. Shladover argues: The needs of the civilian road transportation and military transportation communities, as identified above, are strikingly different from each other.

At the time of this writing Google operates the largest fleet of experimental vehicles in the world. However, this is not the sole reason why Google is a big player in the field. It can be argued that Google has made a major contribution to the normalization of SDC research. Google has not only tested its SDCs in over , miles of driving under everyday conditions but also successfully lobbied for new traffic laws in Nevada and California.

Due to its media attention the Google project has become a technological standard to which other SDC projects are measured up against. The Google Self-driving Car with its sensors. Original photo taken from Flickr and subsequently modified. Released under the CC license. Above you see a picture of an experimental vehicle, in this case a modified Toyata Prius.

The arrows point towards a variety of sensors: laser range finders on the roof, RADAR on the side, cameras behind the windshield. How does it work? In short, the SDC works like this. All the signals from the sensors are processed by computers to make sense of its surrounding environment and to localize itself on a digital high-precision map. On the basis of the sensor data and the position on the map, the SDC makes decision on what to do next.

This is only a very brief description of what actually happens, but it will suffice for now. As the text in the box at the bottom of the picture explains, the SDC is never driving by itself in everyday traffic. It is closely monitored by a safety driver and an engineer while driving in public. Whenever the SDC fails to master a given situation, the safety driver will disconnect the computers and resume driving manually.

I thought that autonomous driving research would incorporate a great deal of machine learning algorithms. But there I was surprised. In part two of my post, I will talk about the relationship between software developers and machine learning algorithms in the domain of SDC research.

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Das grosse Feuerwerk mit Felsbeleuchtungen um Uhr. Weitere Informationen zum Programm findest du hier! June Die Gästeanimation sowie die Events spielen in Zermatt und Umgebung eine wichtige Rolle. Dann sind die Gourmet Events von Taste of Zermatt genau das Richtige für dich. This way your attendees get the chance to plan their participation, feel prepared and are able to see if there are enough sessions that fit their needs. Always make sure that it is not mandatory to participate in games, group activities or certain parts of the event. So what actually can help? · With pleasure we also realise your big event with. In online event formats, you can ask people to change their names to Name - Organisation - City or Name and three of their most important values. Extroverted people, who probably suffered a lot under the lockdown, are already scraping their feet impatiently to finally throw themselves with masks! Spannende Matches und ein mitfieberndes Publikum sind am jährigen Jubiläum garantiert! The Arrival Situation The first impression in every situation is key. The same applies to Online Events. Gefällt Mal · waren hier. Dann schau dir einmal unsere Folklore-Festival Spezial-Pauschale an. Zu dieser Gelegenheit wird das ganze Dorf mit rot-weissen Fahnen und strahlenden Beleuchtungen verziert. Es gibt keine bessere Belohnungen als diese! Am nachfolgenden Tag entdeckst du den Golfplatz des Golfclubs Matterhorn in Täsch. Time and Space to Recharge For introverts, overstimulation at events is a serious problem. Inform about options for a time-out, down-time and deep talk possibilities. B.I.G Events GmbH gehört zu den führenden kreativen Event-Veranstaltern in Europa. Eine Variation von aussergewöhnlichen Erlebnisse wie zum Beispiel die Kitchen-Party oder das altbekannte Horugüet bietet einzigst das Taste of Zermatt. In online events, you can use break out rooms for these kind of group works. Vereine aus der ganzen Schweiz reisen exklusiv für den traditionellen Umzug am Samstagnachmittag an. Du findest alle Veranstaltungen mit den jeweiligen Daten hier. Being alone gives them energy, being with unknown people depletes their energy they prefer listening to speaking, think before they speak; often prefer expressing themselves in written conversations and tend to avoid conflicts many dread small talk, but enjoy deep talk But how to translate this into the creation of events? Das Highlight? With only a limited number of interested people attending, everyone can bring in their experience and knowledge. Mehr als 30 Restaurants und Hotels betreiben einen Stand entlang der Bahnhofstrasse. Kein Problem! Tie-Break Cup Zermatt Weiter geht es mit dem nächsten sportlichen Anlass, dem Tie-Break Cup. Vom Juli kämpfen sowohl renommierte Spielerinnen und Spieler als auch Tennisliebhaberinnen und -liebhaber um den Sieg. To encourage such an atmosphere, you can ask people to do an exercise on active listening. Kind of a different topic, but nevertheless important to mention here: On badges, leave space for people to add their pronouns to indicate how they want to be addressed. Übersetzung im Kontext von „a big event“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Maximo well help turn your billboard into a big event.

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Work Smarter It's Only a Good Event If Introverts Come Too Large format events, offline and online, can be an introvert's nightmare. August findet auf dem Leisee die Nationalfeier mit Andacht von Pfarrer Stefan Roth und einer Festrede von Slam Poet Kilian Ziegler statt. Instead we decided to create events that are more meaningful for all kinds of personalities; where deep and honest connections can be made.

Dies wird musikalisch von den Alphornfreunden der MG-Matterhorn umrahmt. Do you agree or disagree with what we have written? Think about some light, relaxing music in such areas. Bist du eher die crazy Sportlerin oder der crazy Sportler und wagst jede Herausforderung? Especially for introverts, being able to carry out a task at an event helps to avoid the awkwardness of standing in a corner and not talking to people. Ausserdem findet am Juli das grosse Strassenfest statt.

Also encourage them to write down their ideas and their questions, so they are prepared to ask and answer questions on the spot and get involved. The first person has three minutes to share their experiences around a certain topic, or just to talk about themself. Das Rennen ist zwar anstrengend und intensiv, aber am Ziel angekommen erwartet dich die Schönheit des Matterhorns. It helps them when you provide opportunities for one-on-one conversations or activities where attendees can work in small groups with maximum 5 people.

When arriving to a confusing and stressful atmosphere, all the courage it took me to go there might fizzle out. Shops — especially restaurants — are reopening and people are gathering more and more, reviving their social life. August Folklore-Festival Traditionelle Musik, Trachten und Tänze mit farbigen Kostümen — das ist das Folklore-Festival!

There are a few small things that can be done to make events more meaningful for introverts and also shy people, which is not the same as an introvert. August Matterhorn Ultraks Sechs Rennen, ein Ziel! Zur Feier des Tages wird in Zen Stecken das schönste Schwarznasenschaf zur «Miss Zermatt» des Jahres prämiert. Und, Challenge accepted? Und falls das atemberaubende Panorama dort noch nicht ausreicht, kann die Strecke bis auf den Gornergrat erweitert werden.

We want to build a vibrant community, but this just doesn't feel right. Damit du dich etwas mehr über die einzigartige Rasse informieren kannst, empfehle ich dir hier vorbeizuschauen. Kombiniere dein Lieblings-Hobby mit einer wunderschönen Wanderung rund um den Gornergrat. Der «Active» Trail ist zwar die kürzeste Strecke, aber diese 19 Kilometer kriegst du schon zu spüren.

Zum jährigen Jubiläum präsentiert der Matterhorn Ultraks seine neue Strecke: Vertinight. The other person listens with their full attention. Die genaue Strecke sowie das Rahmenprogramm findest du hier. On the other hand, if event staff are helpful, have a friendly smile and are calm, I can enter with confidence and feel like I am in the right spot.

It is important to just be with the other person, not to think about possible replies or your own story. Nachfolgend findest du alle Top-Events, die du auf keinen Fall verpassen solltest! So we stopped. Offer yoga, mindfulness or meditation sessions, or a recreation room for individual practice. Das ist möglich! Wer schon immer ein typisches Schweizer-Wochenende erleben wollte, ist hier genau richtig!

Think about offering staggered sessions so that not everybody has breaks at the same time and break times are not super loud and full. This brings many benefits to the entire event: More people even extroverts feel welcome, are able to participate and show their opinions and personalities, which enhances diversity of opinions and outcomes.

Juli Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon Der Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon gehört zu den schönsten im Alpenraum. Und am Fusse des Matterhorns ist es natürlich umso attraktiver! Introverts love deep talk instead of small talk. Für die ganz Kleinen findet am Freitag, August das «Wolli» Rennen statt. Introverts know Which means that none of us particularly enjoy large format events. Traust du dich, Fabian Cancellaras Zeit zu unterbieten?

It also gives people something to hold in their hands, which gives a comforting feeling. Zur Krönung des Tourniers erwarten dich tolle Preise. Make clear that these spaces are not for talking, but for contemplation. It works like this works virtually as well! Let us know, we want to keep learning! September Schäferfest Wolli, unser gelibetes Maskottchen feiert seinen Geburtstag.

To make a podium discussion inclusive for all personality types, you can do the following: Consider using methods that allow for anonymous and written outlets such as live polling forums. You can also ask everyone to write down questions ahead of time—they can cross points off as they are answered. Ob in der Kirche, auf der Terrasse oder in einem Hotel, die Vielfalt wird grossgeschrieben.

Happy Birthday Schweiz! Often, people like to take an active role at events. All these ideas stem from our own experiences with big events. Here are some strategies for organizing more inclusive events. Die motivierten Läuferinnen und Läufer starten in St. Niklaus und erreichen das Ziel auf dem Riffelberg.

Last year, feeling exhausted and a little disillusioned, we asked ourselves, Why are we doing this? How to make events more meaningful for all? We need time to process our thoughts and to connect with ourselves. So it might make sense to offer volunteer roles before the event. Juli Täschalplauf Nicht nur in Zermatt sondern auch im Nachbardorf Täsch gerät man ins Schwitzen. Es wird viel Wert darauf gelegt, den internationalen Gästen wie auch den Einheimischen aufzuzeigen, wie facettenreich eine Destination sein kann.

It helps to offer notepads and pens for that purpose. Juli — August Schweizer Nationalfeiertag Die Schweiz hat Geburtstag! Offer spaces with comfortable seating options where you can sit alone or in pairs. Provide quiet spots, where people can hide behind their computers or notebooks. Kinder profitieren von Feldspielen und können sogar ein Stück von Wollis exklusivem Geburtstagskuchen probieren.

Networking: How often have I stood next to people and wanted to start a conversation, but not known what to ask? September Matterhorn Eagle Cup Der Matterhorn Eagle-Cup ist ein Adventure-Golf-Teamwettkampf, welcher Golfliebhaberinnen und -liebhaber nach Zermatt lockt. By Pauline Fischer — Zermatt Tourismus 7. Du magst es eher gemütlicher? Fabian Cancellara, ehemaliger zweifach-Olympiasieger, befindet sich nämlich mit allen anderen Teilnehmenden auf der Rennstrecke.

Auf der Täschalp kannst du das traditionelle Älplerfest, umrahmt von musikalischer Unterhaltung und Walliser-Spezialitäten, geniessen. Doch das ist nicht alles! Just write an email to hello tbd.

Events Zermatt — Matterhorn präsentiert: Der BIG Event-Sommer Von Folkloremusik-Wochen über kulinarische Delikatessen bis hin zu sportlichen Wettkämpfen, so wird der BIG Event-Sommer in der Destination Zermatt — Matterhorn zelebriert. Haben wir dein Interesse geweckt und dir fehlt nur noch eine Unterkunft? Prepare a set of questions related to the topic of the event and ask people to think about them before coming.

Have you had other experiences at conferences that were helpful for you? Taste of Zermatt — Gourmet Events Du liebst es, neue kulinarische Erfahrungen zu machen und deinen Gaumen zu verwöhnen? All of these can also be integrated in online sessions, if you are planning ahead. Depending on the person ality , deep talk can mean talking about emotional or personal topics or getting into deep discussions about their favourite topics.

Dann eignet sich die «Sky» Strecke von 49 Kilometern für dich. Small gestures can include: creating opportunities for shared experiences, like sheets of paper on the tables with event-specific trivia or board games Name tags. Sonntags wirst du am Berg sowie auch im Dorf von Folkloremusik und Schweizertraditionen begleitet. So kannst du am Schäferfest besser beurteilen, ob es die auserwählte «Miss Zermatt» verdient hat, zu gewinnen.

B.I.G Events, Bad Kreuznach. Golfen in den Bergen? Das Programm und die dazugehörigen Tickets findest du auf unserer Webseite. Internationale Musikantinnen und Musikanten treffen im Herzen Zermatts aufeinander und verzaubern das Dorf musikalisch. This creates conversation starters. What Does Introvert Mean? Der Matterhorn Ultraks sorgt ordentlich für Nervenkitzel, glaub mir! Was die Kulinarik betrifft wirst du hier die Qual der Wahl haben. But first, the basics. Break down groups: give people the possibility to work together in small groups. Introverts often find large groups intimidating and likely won't actively participate. Here are a few insights and tips: Before the Event Even before your event starts, you can take steps to help people feel more comfortable about attending, which might also help attract a more diverse crowd. So what can an event manager do? Pope Benedict XVI is organizing his big event on the occasion of his visit to Bavaria entirely differently. August Chasing Cancellara Die Kilometer-Strecke von Zürich nach Zermatt ist schweizweit bekannt. Jedes Jahr nehmen zahlreiche Läuferinnen und Läufer von verschiedenen Kategorien wie beispielsweise Sportläuferinnen, Volksläufer oder Nordic Walking teil.